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Robercon 2016: More Magic Than Ever

Wizards, Jedi, and time travelers: Robercon 2016 had something for everyone. Since it’s my hometown convention, I’ve watched it grow from having no “Harry Potter” presence to this year’s programming, which included two panels of “Potter” content and hundreds of people dressed in House colors.

Robercon 2015: A Convention with Small Town Charm

Superheroes, space warriors, and wizards all came out at Robercon 2015, and MuggleNet was there in the midst of it all. Robercon, an annual sci-fi and fantasy convention in Binghamton, New York, advertises itself as a place to “let your geek flag fly.” Hundreds of people turned out to take Robercon up on that offer. Author Tamora Pierce served as the guest of honor for the weekend, speaking on panels, answering questions from eager fans, and doing book signings. Of course, there were plenty of panels and activities for fans of J.K. Rowling’s magical world to attend as well.