A fandom project funded by fans of “Harry Potter” gets canceled

Back in November of this past year, MuggleNet raised awareness to the fandom about a project titled Auror’s Tale. It had so much potential in the beginning but had disappeared from sight, although it was never forgotten. We asked the question:

So what is the status of this project today? And more importantly, WHERE ARE THE FANS’ DONATIONS?

Today, we have our answer, and it’s not the answer we wanted to hear.

From the Kickstarter page that TOOK almost $20,000 of Harry Potter fans’ money, producer/director Leo Kei Angelos stated the following:

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry this update took way so long to get out.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m able to continue working on Auror’s Tale the way it is. I would LOVE to revisit the Harry Potter‘s universe through different fan films projects in the future, as well as a renewed Auror’s Tale (as stand-alone shorts on my YouTube channel without expectations or deadlines).

But for now, I’m saving up funds to refund all the supporters.

Thank you for your continued support, understanding and patience.

– Leo

After hearing this news, MuggleNet reached out to the cast and crew of this project for comment. We will update this article as information comes in. Please stay tuned.

Has this failed/canceled production affected you in a negative way? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you to William for the tip!

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