“Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis” on ITV tonight in Hunstanton, Great Bircham, and the Norfolk Broads

As we continue the coverage of Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis, we find the family of the Harry Potter actor traveling to new destinations.

On tonight’s episode at 8:00 p.m. BST, the actor takes his family to Norfolk, where they travel by boat in the broads, which are comprised of more than 125 miles of waterways.

In Hunstanton, Warwick is invited to take part in an RNLI training exercise at the local lifeboat station.

And in Great Bircham, the family visits a 200-year-old windmill whose owner has branched out into sheep farming and is the only sheep milker in Norfolk.

Then, on the last leg of their trip, the weather turns bad, but they manage to escape the rain with a trip to an amusement arcade.

Be sure to catch all of the excitement and laughter with Warwick and his family on Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis, only on ITV.


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