Radio interview – Daniel Radcliffe talks Tony Awards

In a newly released interview, SiriusXM/EW Radio talked to Daniel Radcliffe about The Cripple of Inishmaan Tony Award nominations and his experience performing at the Awards.

Listen below!

The Tony Awards, highlighting the best Broadway productions, takes place tomorrow (June 8) at 8 p.m. on CBS. The Cripple of Inishmaan is nominated for six awards total, including Best Revival of a Play. Dan, along with the rest of the play’s cast, will be in attendance tomorrow night.

Good luck to the cast and crew!

Will you tune in to watch? Let us know below!

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  • Kate/Kili

    I might watch.

  • Amanda Dean

    So talented!

  • sirilu91

    yay love seeing all the dan rad updates =)

  • ronilene

    Love how successful he is!

  • Cai

    I love Dan!

  • Sha Lini

    He is a talented actor. No doubt.

  • Kelly

    I remember his Tony performance. He was great!

  • Andrea Ohanian

    He is so amazing

  • Ally Loper

    Very talented

  • Andrea

    Good luck to the cast and crew!

  • Caitlyn Finzel

    Daniel is so talented

  • Joaquim Kamps

    amazing actor

  • Raya Rivera

    <3 More power Daniel!!!

  • Sandeep R. Saharey

    Dan rocks

  • Annina Iossa

    Good Luck

  • Miki

    Daniel is such a great actor! Bloody talented!! 😀

  • Victoria Sartor

    I just saw the play with my mom a month ago. It was absolutely fantastic and it deserves every single one of those awards! Wishing the cast lots of good luck tonight!

  • thiago

    good luck, dan!

  • elise

    he deserves more recognition for his acting 🙂

  • Shahmeer

    I’ll always support him!

  • Rubi Yanez

    Yay for Dan 🙂

  • Gnes

    Thank God he cut his hair after Frankenstein ahah
    Btw, he’s such a great actor!

  • Ellen Gamel

    He really deserves more credit than people get him. He isn’t “just” Harry Potter. He’s really quite amazing at everything he does.

  • Mary

    Love Dan!

  • Lastsolace

    Lol he looked great in Frankenstein but its nice to see him in short hair.

  • Jeffrey Combs

    Dan for the win

  • Meghan Gladue

    Dan is such an all around talent though

  • Heather Sigmon

    Go dan!! Good luck! <3

  • bagginsindeed

    Hoping for the best for all of the Inishmaan cast tonight! Such an excellent play!

  • RUTH

    I haven’t even seen the play and I hope he wins!

  • Coraline

    I just cant get enough of Dan