CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: The 4th annual MuggleNet Advent calendar giveaway starts on Monday

That’s right! Harry Potter fans around the world can now rejoice – we will once again hold our favorite contest of the year: The 2014 MuggleNet Advent calendar giveaway!

Starting on Monday, December 1, 2014, at 12:01 a.m. EST, the new Advent calendar image will be fully revealed (you can only see a small portion in the image above) filled with 25 secret windows for you to find over the 25 days of Advent. This year, we have gone above and beyond and will be providing some AMAZING prizes for you to win.

The guidelines to playing and entering the Advent calendar giveaway are listed in the toggle below. We encourage you to carefully read the instructions on how to play to ensure that you submit an eligible entry.

Gifts this year have been graciously donated by the following companies and individuals: Alivan’s Master Wandmakers, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, Warwick Davis, Tee Fury, Shirt Battle, Wallsauce, the Wand Company, Harry and the Potters, Alan Gilmore, Hogshead Station Gift Shop, MinaLima, Titan Books, the Signature Shop, and Harry Potter Kinect.

Good luck to all of you, and from our family to yours, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

[toggle title=”Advent Calendar Giveaway Guidelines” state=”close” ]

Here is how you play for a chance to win:

  • Head on over to the 2014 MuggleNet Advent Calendar Giveaway Page. (We apologize if it loads slowly, but this year’s image is larger than in the past, please be patient)
  • Mouse your cursor over the beautiful painting of the Great Hall and the Sorting Hat scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone* until you find the secret window of the day. Be sure to mouse slowly over the entire drawing. (**NOTE: WILL NOT WORK ON MOBILE DEVICES**).
  • Hover over the hidden image and read the hidden written clue.
  • Use both the hidden image clue and the hidden written clue to figure out the day’s special webpage. The hidden page can be found on the MuggleNet, Alohomora!MuggleNet Fan Fiction, or MuggleNet Interactive websites.
  • SEARCH, SEARCH, and SEARCH some more until you find the special page.
  • When you find the page, you will see the daily Rafflecopter setup that includes the day’s complex trivia question. When you figure out the answer to the question, enter ALL of the information provided along with your correct answer. Any submissions with wrong answers will be disregarded.
  • You MUST use a valid email address for us to contact you.
  • This year, you can receive multiple entries every day by sharing the contest on Social Media.

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  • Futur3Fo3

    Christmas at Hogwarts is the best time of the year!

  • Eve


  • Laura Albert

    Yay! Can’t wait until tomorrow – no, I see it’s now later today – to start playing. And I’m sure you meant the Hogsmeade Station Gift Shop and not the Hogshead. Quite frankly, I’d rather not have a prize from a place where you have to drink out of dirty glasses or dusty bottles. And I’m aware you’ve already got the prizes for this year lined up (and I’m sure they’re wonderful), but as a suggestion for future years, possibly you could have some Alohomora! Store merchandise or cash/gift card/certificate value amount for same.

  • Becca

    You’ve taken the fun out of this, Mugglenet. When people tweet about the contest, the link goes straight to the page with the form. So you only have to answer one question, which is always easy to google. Now it’s just about spamming my followers for 25 days straight. 🙁

  • Winifred Davidson