Madam Rosmerta’s Featured Recipe: Chinese Fireballs

Chinese Fireballs! No, we’re not talking about the dragon that Viktor Krum faced in the Triwizard Tournament. Instead we are referring to this latest addition to our lip-smacking Madam Rosmerta’s Recipe section. These spicy and delectable treats were cooked up by Crystal over at her site Simply Playful Fare for her themed Halloween party but will work exceptionally well for the upcoming Holiday season.

Looking at some of these ingredients (Sriracha Sauce, Liquid Smoke, Worcestershire and BBQ Sauce) it’s pretty clear that if a hot and spicy combustion inside your mouth isn’t the appetizing feel you were going for then perhaps this is not for you. However, as Crystal points out, you can easily ditch the Sriracha Sauce to mellow the flavor. Expectedly though, this won’t be anywhere near as fun as sticking to the original recipe. So we recommend giving it a go anyway.

The short preparation time coupled with the budget friendly ingredients make this a wonderful dish to try as an amateur cook and also a terrific way to have guests serve themselves should you become preoccupied with all the usual tasks of playing host. Just plate them on a tray, stick a toothpick in and let your guests take care of themselves with these hot meatballs.

Thanks to our cook Sierra for these zesty treats! Be sure to get the recipe in its entirety at our Madam Rosmerta’s Recipes section and check out our other tantalizing Potter inspired drinks and dishes. As always if you feel like you or someone you know has concocted a dish inspired by the series then be sure to submit it via our contact page. Until the next feature, happy tasting!