Madam Rosmerta’s Featured Recipe: Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Our latest Madam Rosmerta’s recipe feature comes just in time for the myriad of Christmas-themed dishes cramming our screens and publications. These visual and equally tasty treats are courtesy of Tina who runs Sugar Bean Bakers. In keeping with her tradition of watching a Potter film that speaks to the season (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the Grimmauld Place scenes or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the Yule Ball), she settled on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for its mesmerizing Great Hall Christmas décor. Who can forget those staggering Christmas trees? Using them as inspiration she produced these Christmas tree cupcakes fitted out with decorations and all.

They not only look great, but they are also straightforward and minimal in their preparation. According to Tina,

You just bake up any cupcake flavor of your choosing, frost with a little white, sprinkle on a little sanding sugar, pipe on a little green swirly tree, decorate, and… done!

These cupcakes just might be the saving grace for other labor-intensive treats like gingerbread houses with their scores of intricate details or puddings with their hours of chilling. And given how many of us are still bogged down with the usual tasks and duties of the season, being able to whip up something that is both quickly prepared and sure to be the “dessert du jour” is essential. Have fun with these designs. Play around with matching the tree colors with Hogwarts houses or even top them off with a dignified miniature Star of David in celebration of Ravenclaw’s Anthony Goldstein. With the plethora of available food colorings and easy access to decorative candies, you can really give these a personal touch.

Thanks again to Tina and a special mention to Darla of Bakingdom who supplied the buttercream base recipe for this dish. Be sure to get the full recipe for this and other delectable meals in the “Madam Rosmerta’s Recipes” section. Let us know your thoughts, experience, and recommendations in the comment section both here and on our social media platforms. If you think you have a Potter-themed recipe worth sharing then please get in touch with us via our contact page. Until the next time, happy tasting, and have a wonderful holiday season!