Warner Bros. Studio Tour to Celebrate Fifteenth Anniversary of “Philosopher’s Stone”!

Has it really been fifteen years since The Boy Who Lived first appeared on-screen? It feels like Harry, Ron and Hermione have always been there for us, and now, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is offering fans of the film franchise an opportunity to retrace the trio’s footsteps on their journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone.


From July 22 to September 5, visitors to the Studio Tour in London will get an up-close and personal look at how filmmakers performed their own version of magic. From making giant chess pieces move, to creating troll snot, unicorn’s blood, and Fluffy’s drool, to a tangible, moving version of Devil’s Snare, fans will get to experience the Making of Harry Potter like never before.


Included in the celebration will be a display of some of the first versions of the Philosopher’s Stone, created by Harry Potter Propmaker, Pierre Bohanna. Additionally, there will be live demonstrations of each step in the process to show how the prop stones were actually made! For those interested in how the chess pieces moved on-set, a live demonstration will be held on the Tour’s backlot.


This will be one event you won’t want to miss! Tickets to the event cannot be purchased at the Tour, so make sure you prebook your tickets to the Philosopher’s Stone celebration here!

Finding the Philosopher's Stone Press Release