Expedition Wandless: Day 1

Adalina Mancer here, happy to report that Expedition Wandless is underway, and our first day is complete! You can already see the struggles of going wandless in a Muggle world.


expedition wandless logo-02-02


Team USA got off to a rough start after team members Brett and Kevin Mitchell had to repack their bags twice because they were over the weight limit. It seems that their fight for redemption isn’t starting out hot, is it?

The Canadian team seemed to have dropped one of their cellular phones, breaking it. I wonder how that is going to affect their odds.



Brazil made the decision to head straight to a Muggle store to purchase new outfits, and after seeing them for myself, color me impressed! The Brazilian team blends in with the Muggles so well, we actually lost them in the crowd! That is 15 points to the Brazilian team for completing the shopping task, and it seems our judges gave them 20 bonus points for blending in well!

Germany headed straight into the bar and ordered a round with the tourists within! Oh my! They hopped into a Muggle’s photo of herself! It seems that they were awarded points for this, 10 points to be exact. What could that task have been?? OHHH!!! That must be a selfie!!

Well, ya learn something new everyday dontcha?! Keep an eye out for our next post! The fun has only begun!


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