“Pottermore Presents” Trio of Short Stories

If you’ve already received your Hogwarts letter for the upcoming school year, you might not have noticed a few missing required items from your list! Better grab your quill and jot this down!

Announced today on Pottermore was a trio of e-books set to release on September 6, titled Pottermore Presents. With covers designed by graphic designer duo MinaLima, the short stories will offer readers both original and archived content from JK Rowling. Here’s an image from the e-books on Pottermore!



Pottermore Presents will include Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies; Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Political and Pesky Poltergeists; and Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide.

From more details on the ghosts who roam the Hogwarts grounds to the intimidating and mysterious Azkaban prison, this collection of short stories is meant to provide fans of the Potter universe with even more information than ever before. Also included in the series will be original writings from Rowling on a few familiar faces – Minerva McGonagall and Horace Slughorn. You can read the full press release here:

Pottermore Presents Press Release

The e-books are now available for pre-order through a variety of online retailers, including Amazon and Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo Books. Starting on September 1, the series can be purchased from e-book retailers around the world, in nine different languages. You can also purchase them directly from Pottermore.

What are your thoughts on these electronic editions to the Potter library? Would you purchase a hard copy over an e-book, if available? Let us know what you think about the short story collection by commenting below!

  • Nicki

    YES – hardcover, please!!!

  • Megan Harrington

    Of course we’d buy a hard copy! Doesn’t even require thinking about!

  • Geno2733 .

    I’ll be the odd man, and say I like the digital copies. Makes them more versatile to read in many places.

  • Trinity

    Hard copy!!

  • Bob

    Hard copy, yes!!!

  • Natasha

    Hard copy would be lovely additions to the bookshelf.

  • Eileen

    Hard copy please!

  • Katzenhai

    Which witch or wizard’s got a kindle? Parchment’s the magic word, Jo!

  • Pricilla

    paper back, they smell better

  • Sarah

    Hard copy. They hold more sentimental value and also it gives you a feeling that you’ve used your money on ‘real physical book’ which is always better for me than e-books. Also much more pleasant to read and they just look nice beside other HP books.:) A bit disappointing really if e-books are the only available versions…

  • Laura-Alicia Haas

    Hard copy, for sure! I’m a fan of the hard copy books and I dislike the ebook copies. Besides, the hard copies would go better with the rest of my hard copy collection 😛

  • loonygirl

    Did I get that right? the e-books will be the only versions available? why??? I want a real book 🙁

    The article says the “books” will be published in nine different languages, does anyone know which languages that’ll be? I can only find the English version in the shop