• Nadine

    I don’t think it had anything to do with being ‘trigger happy’. The point that Colin didn’t deserve to die IS the point. None of the people we lose in war deserve to die. Killing Colin, a charcter we secretly identified with and loved, brought home the point that war kills innocents.

    • Just what I was going to say!

    • Semprasectum

      What do you mean he didn’t “deserve” to die? Lupin did? Fred did? Tonks did? . ..Its a story, it fiction. . .stop it, Creevey died, as he should have. . ..dealwithit

  • Semprasectum

    Who cares what he thinks…. .JKR wasn’t “trigger happy” enough. .she should have pulled the trigger on the abusive Ron. ….. as for creevey. . . .an minor, irritating character whose death meant nothing to the story and never will. .

  • Des

    Ow. Apparently it’s not just J.K.R. who is “trigger happy”. Readers are as well.

  • Diagonotter

    None of them deserved to die. JKR didn’t have a hit list. He died for the impact of all that Mitchell said, he was innocent, small, brave and fiercely loyal to Harry, he snuck back, Harry didn’t even know he was in the fight. I love Colin and Dennis it broke my heart reading Neville carrying him to the great hall. It seems to ne he completely understand what Colins death represents in the story. And i am sure JKR is sorry, not that she would take it back or any others she’s apologized about, she is terribly sorry they had to die, but the did have to, each one was full of meaning, including being senseless. That’s evil of war.