Illustrator Jim Kay on Bringing Magic to Life in “Chamber of Secrets”

The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets illustrated edition is finally released today, October 4, by Bloomsbury in the UK and Scholastic in the US. After devouring the gorgeous illustrations in the first book in the series a year ago, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of the second book, with illustrations once again by Jim Kay.

Recently, Bloomsbury gave us a look at one character in the series that we were looking forward to seeing illustrated – Gilderoy Lockhart! You can see some other glimpses into the magical creations from the book, including Dobby and Aragog, below.



In a brand new and exclusive video, Kay has spoken about illustrating the books, what differed from the first book, and enjoying the challenges presented to him – and in particular getting to illustrate many wonderful plants and creatures. Check it out below.



The press release notes that

readers will be able to enjoy key moments such as the Ford Anglia flying over [t]he Burrow, Harry and Ron’s meeting with Aragog and the battle with the Basilisk rendered in Jim Kay’s unique and glorious style. Key characters also get the Jim Kay treatment, including Gilderoy Lockhart, Moaning Myrtle and fan favourite Dobby.

We can’t wait to see these characters brought to life by Kay – and you can get a glimpse at some of these moments already, in the gallery above. While Chamber of Secrets only hits our shelves today, it’s also been revealed that Kay is already hard at work on the third in the series, Prisoner of Azkaban, which will be published in October 2017.

The illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is out today, October 4, and is published by Bloomsbury (UK) and Scholastic (US). You can get your copy in all good bookshops and online. The recommended retail price in the UK is £30, and Bloomsbury also has a special deluxe edition, which costs £150.

Have you bought your copy of Chamber of Secrets yet? What’s your favorite new illustration? Let us know in the comments.

  • Anon

    I hope one of the new illustrations includes Ginny. She is the driving force behind the plot of the book. And it’s getting tiring how her character is ignored during these kind of things.