Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands – New “Harry Potter” Exhibition Opens in Singapore

This is not a drill! The Jakarta Post reported last Wednesday that a new exhibition in the Singapore Philatelic Museum dedicated to the Harry Potter world has opened. It joins the ranks of other Harry Potter museum exhibitions from countless countries, such as this one from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (which ran from November 2013 to February 2014).

It will include an impressive collection of Harry Potter stamps from countries all over the world, as well as movie memorabilia and collectibles.

To add to the magic, you will be able to jump on a broomstick to show off your “flying” skills, like a regular Viktor Krum.

Visitors will also have an opportunity to take photos with film backdrops, like the train ride to Hogwarts. One can hope the Hogwarts Express trolley will make an appearance, too! (Two pumpkin pasties, please!)

There are numerous multimedia exhibits, which were designed by students attending the Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Interactive & Digital Media. Wave a wand at one screen and cast some spells, walk by moving portraits, and uncover secret spells at a heat-sensitive stamp display. It all sounds too magical to be true!

The general manager of the Singapore Philatelic Museum, Tresnawati Prihadi, has said,

Collecting Magic: From Stamps [t]o Wands honors the tradition of collecting, particularly in the area of philately. Postage stamps, alongside community contributed collectibles, help make the Harry Potter experience more tangible and real for visitors.

The exhibition will continue to run until June 2017. Do you think you’ll make the trek to the museum to check it out?