Ezra Miller: J.K. Rowling’s Secret Keeper?

“She told me some secrets,” confessed Ezra Miller. “I’m her Secret Keeper.”

As part of the press junket for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Miller spoke with MuggleNet during a roundtable discussion on his character (Credence), meeting J.K. Rowling, and his relationship with Modesty.

Miller briefly discussed the physicality of Credence and how even after filming, he felt himself slumping back into character after forcing himself into Credence’s behaviors. “There were some physical pains,” he laments, describing a feeling of his chest collapsing on his lungs. “I would do it all over again.”

MuggleNet’s Creative & Marketing Director, Kat Miller, asked Miller about any potential meetings with Rowling. “Just the opportunity to be in her presence was sufficient for me,” said Miller.

Miller did end up fangirling. He says, “I mean, I tried to stop it, but you can’t stop all of it. The filter can only be so foolproof, and then things start to bubble up.” As a huge fan of the Potter series, this was the moment of a lifetime.

Just to sit next to her and absorb all this information that she has reaching out in every direction regarding every character she has ever incorporated into this world… and it’s so impressive, so she gave me some secrets.

Perhaps the most interesting bit was Credence’s relationship with his adopted sister Modesty, portrayed by Faith Wood-Blagrove. “She is an incredible young talent. I’m almost a little scared of Faith because you know when you meet a child and they’re overdeveloped and just really smart, funny people, and you’re like ‘Oh, wow, wow, slow down.’”

That was one of my favorite relationships to find the dynamic of in the movie, and I think they are protective of each other, which I think is really sweet, and I think we see even a couple of moments where she is really protective of him, too because he carries the brunt of Mary Lou’s anger and over zealous behavior.

This leads to a lot of interesting questions on what we will see of the adopted siblings throughout the film and provides a small hint into the true personality of Mary Lou, including what life is like behind the scenes of the Second Salemers. What internal family struggles can we expect to see come next Friday? We’ll have to wait and see.

While also chatting with the press, Miller admitted to taking home some treasures from the set.

I took a hat. I took one of Queenie’s jackets, because that is slaying, and a Niffler toy. Anything I can get Niffler related, I want it. I told them that from the start: I want all your Niffler merchandise. I also got a soft blanket, but I did not take a wand.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released into theaters on November 18.

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