Seven Reasons Ilvermorny Is Better Than Hogwarts

Following the changes that NoMajNet is making, I decided to make a list of seven reasons why Ilvermorny is better than Hogwarts.


1. It’s on a mountain!



Mount Greylock or Bust! The English countryside has nothing on a breathtaking mountain view!

2. Wands stay at school!



No worrying about fighting the temptation of using your wand outside of school on breaks!


3. A No-Maj founded a House!



James Steward was one of the four founders of Ilvermorny. As we all know, James is from a family of No-Majs. Isolt found him in the woods one day and it was love at first sight.


4. The Houses are named after creatures!



Bless Newt’s heart, he would probably love this tidbit! Instead of being named after people (because who likes those, am I right?) the four Houses were named after magical creatures. Which I am sure is preferred by all.


5. You can pick your House!



If more than one House wants you, YOU get to make the decision of where you go! Plus, you don’t have to wear some smelly old hat!!


6) No set expectations!



The Hogwarts Houses have super detailed descriptions as to whom they let in. There is none of that in Ilvermorny! You have a very vague description of what the mascots may favor, but no one knows exactly what they look for!


7. School Unity!!



All of the Houses wear blue and cranberry robes. There is no separating, dividing, or hating by the color that you are wearing under your robes. It’s all the same!


Say good-bye to our Hogwarts Houses! Ilvermorny is here to stay!

  • Shane R. H.

    I think the Ilvermorny Houses are only vague because we haven’t had several years of writing about them. Also, in the books the Hogwarts robes are all black, it never says there are accent colors on robes. Only Quidditch robes are the primary house color for each house.

    • Iain Walker

      Well spotted on the robes. Although they have to have some way of identifying a pupil’s House at Hogwarts – I always assumed a little House badge on the left breast, which would be standard for a British school uniform.

  • Lyn Carceo

    English countryside? Hogwarts is in the Scottish Highlands, so lots of mountain views.

    • Iain Walker

      And is described in PS as being on top of a mountain. (Although at the same time it also seems to have lawns sloping gently down to the lake. So as mountains go it can’t be very high.)

  • Jacob Cuevas

    Idk, I’m all for illvormorny, but the last two points I actually regard as negatives. I would like to know more of my house, and I only wear black.

  • Iain Walker

    As an addendum to 6, one could also add that, unlike Hogwarts, the Ilvermorny Sorting process doesn’t have a built-in statistical bias that will tend to clump racists and sociopaths together in one common room, with all the problems that entails.

    On the other hand, while the Hogwarts school song is merely hilariously ridiculous, Ilvermorny’s song is positively cringe-inducing.