Jany Temime Talks Films, Parks, and More in Exclusive Interview

Late Thursday afternoon, I found myself in a room with Potter costume designer Jany Temime, who began work on Prisoner of Azkaban and continued through the series finale and even the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Temime is in New York promoting Prismacolor, an art tool brand used by thousands globally, and I was lucky to sit with her to discuss her work on Potter and other projects.

The costumes of Potter make our favorite characters stand out, and fans cannot help but notice the drastic change from the first two films to Prisoner of Azkaban. Temime said she intentionally made such a shift since she wanted to make the series feel more like A Christmas Story , where every teenager could recognize themselves.

When asked about how she imagines wizards would be dressed in 2017, she’s confident it would be more of the same. It’s no secret that her favorite character to develop was Voldemort, someone she almost was able to start from scratch. Temime did reveal she loved working on Bellatrix and the villains from Bond. 

I’m always obsessed by the villain. I really like the villain. [laughs] I always like the baddies. The baddies are my fascination.

What many might not know is that Temime worked on the costumes for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed areas in Orlando, Florida. It was fun because… it was hard and it was fun. It was hard because we had all the limitations of the… they did a great job [copying] the costumes because I was there,” said Temime.

Temime even recalled coming into the themed areas and taking sunglasses off the staff in wizard robes. “Wizards don’t wear sunglasses,” she explained to me.

When I asked about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I learned something new. Jany Temime never wanted to work on the film. It came across that she may have been approved but ultimately turned it down due to other projects such as Bond, and she felt as if her time with Potter were complete.

For me, the world of Harry Potter was a world with a cast and everything, and then Fantastic Beasts is another fantastic project, but that’s not my Harry Potter project.

Since Temime was in New York to promote #HarryPotter20 and her partnership with Prismacolor, I asked her to pull out the colors that she used on different characters. Temime showed me how she uses a variety of Prismacolor Colored Pencils when sketching her designs to help bring her ideas to life. She humored me, showing the schemes for the Weasleys (including the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop), Hermione, Harry, and Voldemort. It was incredible – the bold colors were placed in front of me and the characters were staring back at me.


Weasleys, Hermione, and Harry




When asked about her favorite part of the costume design process, she explained, “It’s bringing an idea to life. This is what’s exciting. It is that creation in general, and the coloring for me because I feel that creation is color, so they come from the black and white script into something colorful and pretty.”


Me with Jany Temime (right)


You can read a full transcript of our interview below. Special thanks to the people of Prismacolor and Jany Temime for taking the time to speak with MuggleNet.

Full Transcript with Jany Temime, Thursday June 8, 2017