New Characters Announced for “Fantastic Beasts” 2

Pottermore has just dropped yet another list of characters that will appear in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2including some familiar names from the Harry Potter books. Most notable among them is Nicolas Flamel, to be played by actor Brontis Jodorowsky. Flamel is famous in the wizarding world as a prolific alchemist and for creating the Sorcerer’s Stone, among other achievements. He has worked closely with another character set to appear in Fantasatic Beasts 2Albus Dumbledore, to be played by Jude Law.

Flamel isn’t the only new character! Wolf Roth will play a new character called Spielman, and Cornell S. John appears as Arnold Guzman. Call the Midwife star Victoria Yeates will play a character called Bunty. Two more names catch our eye: Derek Riddell as Torquil Travers and Poppy Corby-Tuech as Rosier. You might remember Travers and Rosier as the last names of two of Voldemort’s devoted Death Eaters: Travers murdered Marlene McKinnon, and Evan Rosier was killed shortly after the capture of Igor Karkaroff.

Actor and comedian Jessica Williams of The Daily Show and Fiona Glascott have also been cast in the film, but their roles haven’t been revealed.

We’ve been anticipating a Flamel appearance for a while now – check out the most recent episode of our SpeakBeasty podcast for more. We still have to wait until 2018 for Fantastic Beasts 2but until then, we’ve got a million theories about the Sorcerer’s Stone to flesh out!


Gayané Kaligian

Gayane has been writing about Harry Potter since the fourth grade, when she wrote her first five-paragraph essay on why Percy Weasley’s buffoonery could have led to Voldemort winning. These days, she’s still talking about the Weasley brothers, but it’s mostly about how overlooked Charlie is. In her free time, you can find her researching stunt choreography and geeking out over theater.