New Zealand Set to Compete at Its First Ever Quidditch World Cup!

The New Zealand Black Brooms are set to make their debut next month at the International Quidditch Association’s World Cup. The World Cup will take place in Florence, Italy, from June 27 to July 2. The World Cup is the pinnacle of international Muggle quidditch and will see over 30 teams from across the globe come together to fight for the chance to be named world champion!

Emma Humphrey, publicity and communications officer of the Quidditch Association of New Zealand (QuANZ), believes that the sport has grown in New Zealand since it inspires both competitiveness and creativity within the community.

The old Kiwi ‘give it a go’ is the perfect match for quidditch. Its inclusive nature and ease to pick it up encourages those who aren’t typically athletic to get involved and active in a friendly and competitive environment.

New Zealand currently holds three club teams: the Victoria University of Wellington Quidditch Club, Quidditch Auckland, and Canterbury Quidditch. However, Humphrey assures that QuANZ has great ambitions to expand internally.

We’re committed to seeing quidditch grow in New Zealand and become a real competitive force against our Australian, American and European teammates over the next few years.

New Zealand isn’t the only team to be participating in its first World Cup. Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Vietnam are among the other countries that will also make their debut at the elite international competition.

New Zealand will be competing against the world’s best, including neighboring Australia, which is the defending champion. But despite the team’s inexperience, Humphrey has always believed New Zealand has the potential to go the distance, as shown in this prediction she made in 2017:

I absolutely believe New Zealand has the potential to do well, especially as we have the rugby background. It’s a combination of dodgeball and rugby, so quite well suited to us… I reckon within the next two to three years we’ll be able to send a team to the World Cup, and in five to eight years we could head the same way as Aussie and win the Cup.

One year on from Humphrey’s remarks, New Zealand has already surpassed expectations. Is it possible that the team will do so at the World Cup itself?

Want to support New Zealand’s campaign? Keep an eye on the IQA Facebook page for updates over the tournament! Or if you’re feeling inspired to join in, applications to join the team are open until May 10! Check out the team page to see if you’re eligible.