Review and Flash Giveaway: Geek Gear’s April World of Wizardry Unboxing!

Back in April, we brought you our review of the February and March Geek Gear World of Wizardry subscription boxes. Three staff members received boxes and were mostly impressed with the contents.

We’ve now received the April box and can’t wait to share it with you! This box was a bit of a mixed bag as far as the theme went, but all three reviewers were very excited about a number of items in the boxes. Check out our review of Geek Gear’s April World of Wizardry box below, and then enter our flash giveaway to win one of three World of Wizardry boxes, courtesy of Geek Gear!



Aimee's Review of the Slytherin World of Wizardry Box

My box arrived undamaged this time and was stuffed so full of merch that whoever packed it couldn’t even insert the flaps properly when the box was closed! They cleverly packed the wand inside the rolled-up House-themed placemats to make more room, which added an extra bit of surprise when I started unpacking the box.

What I truly love about this box is the quality of every item inside. The purple boxes that contained the Harry Potter tie and the accompanying tie pin in silver and Slytherin green were simplistic yet beautiful. It really made me feel as though I had been shopping for school supplies at Madam Malkin’s.

The House of Black wand is gorgeously etched with detail and a lot heavier than one might expect. For anyone who is a fan of wand collecting, this line appears to be one of the better-quality options. It will definitely be displayed in my collection!

Additionally, the Hagrid art included in this month’s box had a variant option. Some people may have received a print that was signed by the artist, Paul Tanner. This signed print included a certificate of authenticity, and the variant, which has a blue background rather than the standard purple background, will also be numbered. Only 1,000 of the variant prints were sent out. I didn’t get a variant version, but I love having an artist-signed piece!

Megan's Review of the Slytherin World of Wizardry Box

The only qualm I had with this box is how long it took to get to me. I’m not sure if there were issues on my side or theirs, but it took quite a while for me to receive it. That aside, I really enjoyed this box. I loved Sirius’s wand, and I’m getting quite the wand collection from these boxes! The wands also don’t look or feel cheap, which is a relief. I may have to invest in a wand rack or something to keep all my wands in now!

I also really loved the Death Eaters shirt and put it on right away. Those masks are so beautiful. I’ve been really happy with the shirts that I have gotten in these boxes as well. They’re very high quality and I always get compliments on them when I wear them out. The placemats for the dinner table are also quite adorable, as is the Firebolt keychain. I was pretty happy with the entire contents of the box and can’t wait to see what next month’s box brings me!

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