Evanna and Keo Worked Some “Black Magic” with the Help of a Slytherin Friend!

How is it Week 4 of Evanna Lynch participating on Dancing with the Stars‘ competition already? She has been rocking the competition since Week 1, and this week viewers were able to celebrate the addition of another Harry Potter actor as a part of Trio Week!

Scarlett Byrne, the actress who portrayed Pansy Parkinson in the last three Potter films, slipped on her own pair of dancing shoes for the reality show as the trio performed a salsa to “Black Magic” by Little Mix. Evanna made the announcement on her Instagram on October 9, following Monday’s performance in Week 3.



Evanna also shared photos from the trio’s first rehearsal, where the excitement of Scarlett joining the team was evident. Look at those smiles!




The trio, who changed their team name to Team Skavanna for this week, has been posting rehearsal photos in the lead-up to Trio Week, which helped keep fans like myself pumped for Monday’s dance.





Evanna also joined Keo on October 12 at an event to help him launch his new online dance course, Dance with Keo. The dancing duo was joined by other Dancing with the Stars professionals as well as a friend of Evanna’s, Elliot Knight (you may recognize him from his role on ABC’s Once Upon a Time as the wizard Merlin). Check out some photos from the event!



For this week’s performance, Evanna, Keo, and Scarlett danced a sexy salsa, and the judges’ scores were not exactly where we would like them to be in Week 4, scoring the trio at only 24 out of 30 points. Scarlett appeared a bit nervous, but it was her first dance on the show! Evanna was so confident and really shined, hitting every dance step with great musicality. I was really impressed with the lift and wonder how she felt going round and round in the air for such a long time!

Take a look at their dance below, and make sure you pay attention to the shoulder straps on their dance costumes to spot some Potter magic!



Tonight’s shocking bottom two had Evanna and Keo up for elimination along with the talented Tinashe and Brandon. Despite having received one of the highest scores last week with their Viennese waltz, Team Kevanna somehow ended up with low viewer votes. This shows you how truly important viewer votes are. Luckily, Evanna and Keo made it through to next week, but they will need your votes to avoid a repeat in Week 5!

Vote for Team Kevanna tonight! Voting is open until 4 a.m. Eastern, and you can vote online or by calling in to Evanna and Keo’s dedicated number at 800-868-3405. There should be ten votes available to use on your favorite couples, so use them wisely! Your votes can help Evanna and Keo in Week 5, which will be one of my favorites: Disney Week! I wonder whom Evanna will choose as her Disney character? Let us know whom you think she should choose by commenting or sending us your tweets, and don’t forget to tag Evanna and Keo!