Evanna Lynch Supports Vegan Fashion Campaign

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) has long been known for her adamant support of animal rights. This week, she joined PETA, womenswear brand Delikate Rayne, and a swath of vegan stars and influencers in a new campaign for vegan fashion.

The campaign, titled “Changing the Game,” comes with a new video as well as a PETA x Delikate Rayne fashion collaboration, including a limited-edition faux-suede cap. In the video, Lynch talks about her own experience with the non-vegan fashion industry.

I remember as a teenager going shopping for purses and someone trying to sell [one] to me as genuinely leather as if that [were] a good thing. I was like, ‘But isn’t leather somebody’s skin?’

Check out the full video below, and learn more about the campaign from PETA.