Heaven Is a Place on Earth in New Trailer for “Miracle Workers”

Daniel Radcliffe is always a proponent of indie productions, but we’ve missed seeing him on the mainstream screen. As if he heard our prayers, he’s taken on a role in a brand-new TBS comedy series. Miracle Workers is an office comedy starring Radcliffe as Craig, an angel working in the forgotten prayer-answering department. He gets a new partner in the form of Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan), an earnest young angel eager to reform the department and improve heaven. They have one problem: God, played by Steve Buscemi (FargoThe Death of Stalin), no longer cares about Earth or its inhabitants. To prevent the end of the world, Craig and Eliza must answer a seemingly unanswerable prayer: Help two humans fall in love.

This first trailer shows Craig and Eliza desperately trying to figure out how to stop an apathetic God from blowing up the Earth. Check out the trailer below, and get excited for the first episode of Miracle Workers on February 12 on TBS.


Gayané Kaligian

Gayane has been writing about Harry Potter since the fourth grade, when she wrote her first five-paragraph essay on why Percy Weasley’s buffoonery could have led to Voldemort winning. These days, she’s still talking about the Weasley brothers, but it’s mostly about how overlooked Charlie is. In her free time, you can find her researching stunt choreography and geeking out over theater.