“Cursed Child” Brings Magical Surprises and Announcements to San Diego Comic-Con 2019

With only months left until Harry Potter and the Cursed Child brings its timeless magic to the West Coast of the United States, it seems natural that it should make its debut at San Diego Comic-Con. And what a debut it was!

On the floor of the convention, the show’s booth was hardly ever empty. A fun photo opportunity awaited guests, allowing them to step onstage and wave their wands and House banners high! It’s an instant social media must.

Also at the booth were two of the stars of the show: Nicholas Podany, who currently plays Albus Potter in the New York production, and Jon Steiger, who was just announced today as the first cast member of the San Francisco production, playing Scorpius Malfoy! Both took pictures with fans and answered questions, giving insight into their characters and experiences on stage. They even took some time to play some trivia (and challenge us!). Catch our interviews with Nicholas and Jon in the videos below.




Later in the day, illusion specialists Chris Fisher, Skylar Fox, and Jamie Harrison gave attendees a crash course in the illusions and magic that are used in the show. They taught the audience the “French Drop” (used by Albus in the show) and explained the magic behind the Time-Turner and the trolley witch’s fingers. Apparently, the Time-Turner cost thousands of dollars to make and is designed to look like an upgraded version of what Hermione used in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with the clock face replacing the hourglass. When Rowling first saw the device and how the “ticking” illusion is created with it, she reportedly was so impressed she asked to see it again immediately. However, all was almost lost when the device was taken for a harrowing journey on the New York City Subway: The case was caught in the train door and nearly left without the illusionists taking care of it!

All three magic artists then answered some questions about their craft and showed some examples of what they do in the show with never-before-seen footage of the play. They explained that many ideas come simply from playing around with what is available on set to achieve the desired outcome. For example, the trolley witch’s fingers began as paintbrushes and ended as extendable tape measure tapes in specially designed gloves.

Excitement is building as Cursed Child continues its story on stage, bringing the magic to more people all around the world.