Evanna Lynch Talks Dancing, Veganism, and Losing Her Irish Accent

Evanna Lynch found her way into our hearts as Luna Lovegood, but she’s been busy since the end of the series. The 28-year-old actress has starred in countless films, competed on Dancing with the Stars, and advocated for countless humanitarian causes. She recently sat down with the Irish Sun to discuss her recent accomplishments and newer ventures, including the new beauty subscription box she’s started with Daniella Monet, Kinder Beauty Box:

We started it because we wanted to make cruelty-free products more accessible to the wider world. We noticed there are so many people who are similarly appalled by animal testing as we are, but who don’t know where to begin with transitioning their products to be cruelty free. […] So we decided it would be cool to start a company that delivers vegan and cruelty[-]free cosmetics to your door once a month, with the hope that we can help people gradually learn about and transition to products that have not been tested on animals. […] Animal testing in cosmetics is so unnecessary and archaic, and we want to help customers make this statement with every purchase.

Lynch, who is vegan, has long advocated against animal cruelty. She talked about how changing her diet after struggling with an eating disorder helped her and her family live a healthier life:

I think the vegan scene is thriving at home, and I’m really proud of this. […] It’s quite unbelievable, as a few years ago, they all thought I was daft. I think they saw it as a fancy type of eating disorder. I didn’t push my vegan beliefs on them. I just lived my life, and my mum kindly adapted some recipes, but I’ve been witness to each member of my family gradually change their eating habits. I think that has to be a cultural change, a result of the growing awareness of animal rights in Ireland.

Lynch says her Irishness has come into question recently since she’s lost some of her accent after living in the United States for several years

I have always absorbed the accent or mannerisms of people I’m around, and I lived in America for five years. I think it’s more about wanting to fit in, and a big part of fitting in is sounding like the people you’re around. And it’s helpful as an actor to be that way, so when it happens, I don’t resist it. Lately the feedback I’m getting from auditions is ‘can you be more Irish?’ so it’s become a bit of a problem to have such a non-committal accent […] Any day now, my agent is going to tell me to hire an Irish dialect coach.

Last time she was in the States, Lynch was performing on Dancing with the Stars, an experience she says changed her life for the better since she rediscovered her love for dance:

Movement is a crucial part of my mental health routine. If I ever have phases where I can’t dance or exercise much, my negative thinking tends to spiral out of control. And there is something so amazing about dance where it quite literally changes or shifts the energy about a person. We are meant to move. It really trained me in thinking positive, which was an important skill I lacked.

We love hearing Lynch’s positive attitude on her podcast, The ChickPeeps, which is updated regularly. You can listen to it on any podcast service, or read more about her advocacy on Kinder Beauty’s website.


Gayané Kaligian

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