Positive “Equus” Reviews

Last night, the first performance of Equus starring Dan Radcliffe took place in London’s West End. DanRadcliffe.com now has a great review online, a snippet of which is below:

Throughout the entire show Radcliffe was well poised, well spoken, in character and emotionally charged. He hit every mark spot on… he portrayed the right balance between insanity and reverence, spirituality and emptiness, awakening and shutting down… it just all clicked in one go. He definitely struck the right balance on stage.

The Daily Mail says:

For Radcliffe, it was a big mental leap from portraying JK Rowling’s boy wizard to taking on a character in the psychoreligious exploration of equine worship. Radcliffe could have stood on the stage and read the London telephone book and the play still would have sold out. That he took on such an intellectual theatrical challenge was brave – and he succeeded.

You can see a new photo of Dan in the play here.