Harry Potter Theme Park Rumors Continue

An interesting article has been published by The Scotsman, which quotes several sources believing that a Harry Potter theme park in Universal Studios, Orlando is indeed in the works:

Peter Alexander, a former vice president of Universal Studios and founder of a theme park design consultancy, said: “People keep screeching that it’s an entirely separate park, but according to Steve Spielberg, who we talked to about it, he says it’s going to be a ‘land’ within the confines of the existing Islands of Adventure theme park. If it’s a ‘land’ it will cost at the very least $500m.”

The article goes on to say that Universal and J.K. Rowling “are agreed on the principle of the mini-park, but are still hammering out the details of a settlement.” Once plans are finalized, The Scotsman says the park could be built within 18 months.

We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge, but keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed yet.