MuggleNet on FOX, MTV

Hello from Boston! Ben and I are having a blast on the road meeting all you crazy MuggleNetters. Thanks to everybody who's come out to see us so far – especially Sammy, Cara, Jessica, and anybody else who has given us presents in the form of pineapples, ninjas, rubber ducks… you get the idea.

Tune in to Fox and Friends at approximately 7:40 AM EST on Friday, June 15 to hear us discuss what we think will go down in Deathly Hallows and promote our new book's What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7. The book, which we are SO proud of, is currently #2 on the New York Times Children's Bestseller list and there are over 335,000 copies in print. Also, I will be a guest on a Potter Panel on MTV next week – stay tuned for airtimes.

Finally, while this has nothing whatsoever to do with Harry Potter, more than a few MuggleNet staff members are graduating from either high school or college this year, so join me in saying CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew, Ben, Brendan, Dylan, Katie, K'lyssa, Laura, Nick, Rachael, Damon, and Emily!