MuggleNet fans: go on the record with your predictions!

Every year in March, millions of Americans sharpen their No. 2 pencils and fill out brackets picking the college basketball teams they think most likely to win the NCAA Tournament. Now, Harry Potter fans across the globe are all doing the same thing – but instead of predicting basketball game outcomes, we're making predictions about how the series will end. For us Potter prognosticators, we're not suffering from March Madness, but Deathly Hallows Madness.

Similar to how college hoops fans attempt to select the winner from a pool of 65 teams, we want MuggleNet visitors to choose their best answers to 65 Deathly Hallows-related questions! The fan whose predictions most closely match the events that unfold in Book 7 on the 21st wins the opportunity to be a guest host on MuggleNet's Award-Winning Harry Potter Podcast, MuggleCast! In addition, 1st – 5th places win a MuggleNet shirt and their choice of Alivan's wand.

Good luck!