Additional reports from Open Book Tour

Additional reports from JK Rowling's LA stop on her Open Book Tour are emerging online. JK Rowling was greeted with a standing ovation from the 1600 school students who were lucky enough to attend the reading at the Kodak Theatre. “It wasn't like this when I was a teacher. If it had been, I might never have left.”

However, despite leaving teaching to write, JK Rowling praised teachers saying “Good English teachers are worth their weight in gold.” The Los Angeles Times reports that though JK Rowling doesn't know what genre she'd like to pursue next, she does want to continue writing, which is ironic as JK Rowling claims no one in here family thought writing was a “sensible thing to do” growing up. Lucky for us, she didn't let that stop her!

Check out the article and we'll post more as it becomes available!

Thanks to Jessie Murray for the tip!

UPDATE: MTV has an interesting report with a few new bits of fan reaction and information concerning Snape:

Earlier, Rowling said she was particularly pleased with how Snape's story played out throughout the course of the series, contrasting his character arc with that of Dumbledore.

“Although [Dumbledore] seems to be so benign for six books, he's quite a Machiavellian figure, really. He's been pulling a lot of strings. Harry has been his puppet,” she explained. “When Snape says to Dumbledore [toward the end of 'Hallows'], 'We've been protecting [Harry] so he could die at the right moment' – I don't think in book one you would have ever envisioned a moment where your sympathy would be with Snape rather than Dumbledore.”