Harry Potter Alliance issues call to action on Darfur

Earlier today, Andrew Slack of the Harry Potter Alliance issued a call to action for all Harry Potter fans concerning a terrible state of affairs involving the mothers of Darfur. Our community has long been recognized for its concern for and response to urgent global situations.

As the crisis in Darfur continues to worsen the Harry Potter Alliance, MuggleNet, Leaky, and the Wizard Rock Community are asking for your assistance.

Please take a few minutes to read the following statement by Andrew. It is our hope you will join all of us in taking the steps to help resolve this very serious issue.

“More than any thing else, Harry Potter is a treatise on the power of love, in particular, the love of a mother for her child. Darfur is in the Western region of Sudan where the government is currently engaging in a form of genocide by hiring their Janjaweed militia to systematically kill the people of Darfur and there are now as many as 2.5 million refugees.”

To donate to the cause, CLICK HERE! You can read more about what the HP Alliance stands for at the link below…