TIME Magazine features Potter in schools

When schools begin to slack off in academic achievement, who do they turn to? One school in Nottingham, England went to Harry Potter and came up with the idea of Potter-themed classes. Since then, they've seen a turn around in performance:

The theme-based approach has catalyzed a dizzying rise in academic achievement at Robert Mellors. Three years ago it was languishing in the bottom quarter of English schools; it has since vaulted into the top 25%. A September visit from Ofsted, England's educational inspection body, yielded a rating of “outstanding,” and special kudos were given for the school's ability to mentor pupils with learning disabilities or behavioral problems. “The school recognizes that pupils will only be successful if lessons are stimulating,” the report said.

Hopefully this article may inspire some other schools who are looking to improve their students' participation. Thanks to Liquid for the tip!