“OOTP” DVD Released in US; New “HBP” Sneak Peek

The Order of the Phoenix DVD has been released in the United States today, a month after fans in the UK and Australia got their hands on it.

Several visitors have e-mailed in to tell us that there is a new sneak peek of Half-Blood Prince on the DVD. The clips differ from those that were available online to UK/Australia buyers. It has been uploaded to YouTube for those of you who don’t hold the United States disc. If these clips are made available online for international viewers, please contact us!

Additionally, Larry sent in this article from MTV which speaks with producer David Yates about Half-Blood Prince filming:

That’s because, as director David Yates points out, it’s the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” of the Potter books, with massive making-out sessions to occur for several characters — Ron and Lavender, Harry and Ginny — as they come of age. “It’s the ‘American Graffiti’ for this set,” Yates said. “I’m looking forward to developing the relationship between Ron and Hermione, and Ron and Lavender. There’s a nice triangle there.”

Follow this link for more from Heyman, Dan Radcliffe (Harry), Katie Leung (Cho), and Evanna Lynch (Luna).