MuggleCast #129: Pensieve Possibilities

That silly pensieve. For years now, we've seen it as just a place to safely store your memories. On this week's episode of our Harry Potter podcast, we look at several other possibilities for the pensieve that probably would end up getting cut from the books.

As promised this week, we also have part one of our interview with Spiderwick Chronicles star Freddie Highmore! Plus:

– Muggle Mail on movie intermissions, cliffhangers and Chapter 10.
Interview with Freddie Highmore (with a chance to win tickets to an IMAX showing).
– Chapter-by-Chapter: Chapters 11 and 12.
– The hosts draw some excellent comparisons in these chapters to Nazi Germany.
– We analyze the argument between Harry and Remus from both perspectives.
– Kreacher and the saucepan: finally some comedy!
– What is up with this plan to infiltrate the Ministry? Micah doesn't buy it.
– Why does Hermione keep nagging Harry to close his mind? It actually helps him!

All that and much more can be found on this week's show! To download, we recommend subscribing for free through either Apple iTunes or the ZUNE Marketplace. You can also find full shownotes and alternate download links at the MuggleCast website. Enjoy!