Give Jo your support

As most of you know by now, JK Rowling and Warner Bros. are currently involved in a court case against RDR Books and the HP Lexicon regarding a print version of the online Lexicon. Some of Jo's main reasons for taking legal action against this book are that she feels it is in breach of copyright of the Harry Potter novels, is not worthwhile to the reader (in that it provides very little commentary, most of which is “derisory” and “facetious”), and that it could detrimentally affect sales of an all-inclusive encyclopedia which she has long expressed a desire to write and from which sales revenue would be donated to charity.

MuggleNet fully supports Jo Rowling in this case. This week will be, without a doubt, difficult and emotional for the author who has spent 17 years creating the series we all love so much. Because of this, we feel that with as much support as possible, this time can be made more bearable for her.

Please feel free to leave any messages of support in the comments, which we will link to from the main page until a verdict on this case is reached. Thank you.

“I really don't want to cry because I'm British. These books, they saved me, not just in the very obvious material sense, although they did do that…I would have to say that there was a time when they saved my sanity.” JK Rowling, April 14th