Steve Van Der Ark testifies in court

The Wall Street Journal has updated their blog again, this time talking about developments that occurred in court this morning.

But the most telling part of Vander Ark’s testimony came at the end of Hammer’s direct examination. Asked whether he still considered himself a part of the Harry Potter fan community — those that, in Vander Ark’s words, devote most of their free time to all things Potter, he choked up, and said, “I did.” But then, when pressed on it, he changed his answer. “I do,” he said, breaking up.

USA today further reports Van Der Ark as saying, “It's been … it's been,” he stammered, choking on his words. “It's been difficult because there has been a lot of criticism, obviously, and that was never the intention. … This has been an important part of my life for the last nine years or so.”