JK Rowling takes a stand against genocide in Darfur

The HP Alliance has announced this evening that, among several well known authors, JK Rowling is part of an open letter asking everyone in the world to take notice to what is happening in Darfur as part of Global Day for Darfur:

Today is the Day for Darfur, which marks the fifth anniversary of one of the world’s bloodiest conflicts. Over 200,000 people have been killed and over two million have been forced to flee from their homes and villages. Children barely old enough to walk, yet alone run, have seen their homes burnt and razed to the ground, their mothers raped and their fathers killed. Most are now holed up in sprawling camps, traumatised and living in fear. Children in Darfur draw pictures of bombs and guns. It is all they have ever known. Childhood is under attack in Darfur.

Visit the HP Alliance's website to read the full letter, see who else signed the letter, and more.