MuggleCast #142: Court is in Session

On this week’s episode of our Harry Potter podcast we take an in-depth look at the ongoing trial involving J.K. Rowling and RDR Books. Join Eric, Laura, Micah, Elysa and I as we have one of the more serious discussions in our three years of podcasting (but don't worry, we still have fun).

– The trial was very emotional for both Jo and Steve but did it have to get to this point?
– We review testimony given and comments made by both sides and offer our thoughts.
– Breaking down the “fair use” doctrine, we try and get inside the head of Judge Patterson.
– Which of the four categories of fair use would go in Jo or Steve's favor?
– The negative impact this could have on the Harry Potter fandom and the “floodgates” that could open.
– Elysa brings up a few previous court cases that have dealt with the “fair use” doctrine and the precedents set seem to favor J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. (Harper and Roe Publishers vs. Nation Enterprises).
– Make the Music Connection provides some laughter after a very serious episode.

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