2008 Halloween Costume Contest – Winners!

Yesterday we announced the semi-finalists in our Halloween Costume Contest, and today we have determined the winners! Below are the top three selections and the prizes they won:

1) Trelawney (Mattie) : she wins a Beedle the Bard Collector’s Edition courtesy of Magical Tours!
2) Boggart Snape (Courtney) : she wins her choice of a Majestic or Regal School Robe from Alivan’s
3) Dobby the House Elf (Tynan) : he wins his choice of any wand from The Classic Collection from Alivan’s

BIG thanks to Alivan’s and Magical Tours for the prizes and organizing the contest with us. We highly recommend checking out both sites; Alivan’s for their excellent collection of wands, cloaks, and various other magical items, and Magical Tours for their great lineup of tours across England (don’t forget about Thomas’ exclusive reports from Half-Blood Prince filming locations!)