Election Day in the United States and Wizarding World!

UPDATE: The tallies are in, and Hermione Granger of the Wizocrat party won with 64% of the vote. MuggleNet and Kingsley Shacklebolt welcome Hermione into the Minstry and congratulate her on the win!

As most of you know, MuggleNet has been hosting a Ministry of Magic Election to determine who should be the next Minister of Magic in the Wizarding World. The final vote is today, as YOU have narrowed it down to two candidates: Hermione Granger from the Wizocrat Party and Kingsley Shacklebolt from the Hogican Party.

Voting has now opened, and you can get in the Voting Booth right here! Be sure to read the candidates’ stances and check out early polls from The Daily Prophet and The Quibbler to help determine who to vote for. In the Voting Booth, you’ll notice that there are a couple of demographic questions (age, location, and gender). These are only collected so we can learn how different groups of people vote.

And lastly, a reminder: The United States is having its presidential election today. We encourage EVERYONE who is registered to vote to please go out and support your candidate, as this is a very important election. Google has a nice election center map to help you find your nearest voting location and more. And thanks to the Harry Potter fandom, Wizard Rock the Vote registered over 900 new voters.