Ministry of Magic Elections: Hogican Party Finals

MuggleNet's Ministry of Magic Elections, where YOU decide who should be the next Minister of Magic in the Wizarding World, has reached its second to last election! We're down to the final Hogican election this week, which decides the sole candidate representing the Hogican party!

The contenders, as voted upon by YOU, are Kingsley Shacklebolt VS Molly Weasley. As with last week's Wizocrat final election, the two remaining candidates now have a list of stances on important issues to help you cast your vote. You can check them out below their respective profiles here. Keep in mind though: as is the case with real-world elections, these stances and each candidate's solutions may be slightly skewed to grab your vote!

Once you review their stances, vote for who should represent the Hogican party by using the poll on the right side of MuggleNet. Voting will end Thursday night (that's tonight). Good luck to the candidates!