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Read the back of the book for more info. Look for it in bookstores June 1st!

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And yes… this means Ben and I are going BACK ON TOUR this summer! Stay tuned for tour dates and locations!


WE DON'T ACTUALLY THINK Harry should have died. Well, I don't, anyway. Ben does. But Ben is evil.

This is ONE VIEW that people hold. In the book, we reach the conclusion that Harry should have lived!

The title is a double entendre – it references the view some people hold, that Harry Potter (the character) should have died. It also speaks to those who thought Harry Potter (the buzz) should have died.

But Harry Potter didn't die. It didn't go away when DH came out. In coffee shops and on message boards, we're all still fiercely debating the most controversial issues.

We thought putting our extensive analysis in to book form was the best way to reach out to Harry Potter fans who haven't yet found their way onto MuggleNet (and don't listen to MuggleCast!).

So in this book, we discuss about what really happened, what could have happened, and what maybe should have happened.


UPDATE (June 11): IT'S IN STORES!!! You can pick it up at your local bookstore or you can order it on Amazon here! Go – do it!!

In related news, earlier this week, Gaby and I launched (GMH) – “Like FMyLife, but for optimists!” It's a website where people share their most hopeful, uplifting moments. Or another way of saying it – it's a collection of “Bite-sized, Chicken Soup Stories for the Twitter Generation.”

The response has been incredible. You guys did an AMAZING job spreading our message of hope – the website received 185,000 hits in its first 24 hours! Wow! We were voted the #1 story on, ranked one of the “Top 10 Hottest Urls” of May 31st, and also got written up in several newspapers and magazines, including

As I mentioned in my last post, GMH is a cause that I believe in so strongly, I'm going to donate every penny I receive in proceeds from the sale of our new book to promoting GMH.

I'm proud to announce today we have selected a charity to align the website with: GivesMeHope will be used exclusively to raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. It is consistently rated as one of the most efficient and effective charities, and I've seen the impact my local Boys and Girls Club has made in my community. It's definitely an organization whose mission is aligned with ours.

So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everybody for all your support. I have read over 1000 of your stories, and I'm just brimming with hope and optimism for our future. As you can tell, I can't even contain my excitement. I hope you'll continue to visit the website, and help Gaby and I spread our message of hope! THANK YOU!!

EDIT: Thank you for all of the positive feedback on the book. We're so glad you guys enjoy it – we had a blast writing it!

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