MuggleCast #176: LIVE in New York City!

Recorded less than 24 hours after the US premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Emerson, Ben, Micah and I hosted a live MuggleCast at the Borders of Columbus Circle in New York City to discuss the premiere and the film.

It was a GREAT show with a wonderful audience, and we're pleased to announce that the show is now available on our iTunes feed (press “Subscribe” for it to appear if it hasn't already!) In the show:

– Andrew and Emerson conducted interviews from the red carpet and have some juicy details to share.
– Having all the seen the film, we try to give our best spoiler-free review.
– Fans ask us questions about the film one by one!
– Emerson and Ben discuss their new book,'s Harry Potter Should Have Died.
– Special thanks to Borders and everyone who attended!

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REMEMBER: Emerson and Ben are in Los Angeles on 7/14, San Marino on 7/15, and San Francisco on the 18th and 19th! Click here for the full schedule.

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