Orlando Sentinel sheds light on theme park rides

There are some interesting new details online concerning what attractions we'll get to enjoy at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park in Orlando next year. According to The Orlando Sentinel, the main attraction will be what's housed in Hogwarts Castle:

Plans for the 20-acre Wizarding World show more than a dozen buildings, including at least three shops, a restaurant and multiple forced-perspective decorative buildings. The centerpiece will be the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the iconic castle and keep from the Potter books and movies.

Universal's Hogwarts, records show, will be 150 feet, or 15 stories, high.

The castle will also house what is expected to be the Wizarding World's signature attraction. Several people familiar with the project, including one person directly involved, said the ride will be what's known as a “robocoaster” — a ride system in which guests sit in seats suspended from a robotic arm that can swivel and swoop in multiple directions while it advances along a track.