MuggleNet planned downtime occurring soon

Attention, dearest Potter fans! You may remember that MuggleNet suffered several days of downtime just over a week ago. This was due to an unsuccessful attempt at moving MuggleNet to a new server.

We are now going to attempt to move the site again, but this time we assure you it will be smooth. Our new server is already live, and this time it's just a matter of moving our domain name (in simpler terms: telling “” to point to our new server).

The site will be down tonight or tomorrow but will only remain down for a few hours. We'll have a notice on the site that lets you know you're now looking at MuggleNet on the new server.

Once our new server is in place, it'll be time to program MuggleNet 2.0. Look for 2.0 to launch in a few weeks!

Thanks for your patience and support with everything.