J.K. Rowling thanks everyone who is Helping Haiti Heal

It's been almost two weeks since the Potter community came together with others online to raise money for the relief effort in Haiti. Since then, Helping Haiti Heal has raised close to $97,000 thanks to all of your incredible efforts!

If we get to the $105,000 mark, Partners in Health will name the three full cargo planes we funded after Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

This morning J.K. Rowling has passed along a message, specifically to all of you:

To everyone who has helped raise such an incredible amount for the earthquake survivors in Haiti: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Like many others, I made a personal donation to the DEC shortly after the earthquake happened; but never did I expect such an amazing response from all of you. You cannot imagine how awed, moved and humbled I am to know that planes named Harry, Ron and Hermione are going to be flying off to help. I did not need this to remind me how extraordinary Harry’s fans are, but you keep giving me proofs. THANK YOU! – Jo

Remember, that you can still donate right here with a chance to win some great prizes!