Gambon humorously reflects on Potter, often mistaken for Ian McKellen

Michael Gambon, the actor who plays Albus Dumbledore, recently appeared on The Late, Late Show in Ireland to discuss a few new projects and also talk some Potter.

He noted that while he does regularly get stopped on the street by fans, he is often confused with Gandalf actor Ian McKellan. Naturally, he added, “I sign autographs Ian McKellen.” Kidding aside, he said the fans are great and he is surprised that they notice him without the beard and make-up.

After viewing a clip from Order of the Phoenix, Gambon talked about how he has been doing the films now for seven years and that jokingly, he couldn’t even remember doing that scene.

As for his upcoming projects, he’s working on three plays, because “Harry Potter doesn’t pay that much.” We also learned that Gambon was once considered for the role of James Bond and as a child worked with actor Sir Laurence Olivier. (Some very funny stories here as well).

Please note that this show contains adult language and humor. Gambon’s interview begins around 47 minutes in. Thanks to Marese for the tip!