Dan Radcliffe recalls major Deathly Hallows scene while touring Hogwarts (updated)

UPDATE: MTV has posted a much longer version of the interview starting at this link.  Dan talks about playing Harry Potter in another form.. among other things!

MTV took a tour of Hogwarts Castle at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando with Dan Radcliffe, and during the interview Dan had this interesting bit to say about a big scene during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Radcliffe himself was flooded with memories while standing there. The room most reminded him of the end of “Chamber of Secrets,” in the scene with Richard Harris’ Dumbledore and Jason Isaac’s Lucius Malfoy. But he also said that the office plays a part in a scene audiences have yet to see. “One of the key scenes in the series happens in this room, where towards the end of [‘Deathly Hallows’], Harry learns something about Snape’s past in relation to him, and that takes place in this room. In fact, actually, it takes place pretty much here,” he said, motioning to where he was standing. “And that is kind of pretty much possibly the key scene in the series, you might say. There’s a certain argument for that.”