Take five seconds to help The Harry Potter Alliance win $250,000

There’s a really easy way for you to help better the world.  The Harry Potter Alliance is in the running for the Chase Community Giving Challenge, and they are currently one spot away from receiving the top prize of $250,000.

All they have to do is have the most votes out of all the charities in the competition.  There are 22 days left for voting.

To vote, CLICK HERE, press the green “Vote Now” button, hit “Like” (if you haven’t already), and then press Vote Now again.  Encourage your friends to vote too!

It’s a ridiculously simple way to help a great cause.  Thanks for the support!  For the record, here’s how The Harry Potter Alliance plans to use the money:

With $250,0000 we can improve Literacy, LGBT Rights, AND build an Online Coalition of Fandoms, Youtube Communities, and Organizations. No one has ever before brought communities like these together and the one time we have, we raised over $123,000 for Haiti. Human rights and fighting global warming continue to lack the kind of energy and enthusiasm that we will bring to the table. Ready to see a game changer in the world of social activism? If we win the $250,000 prepare to see a massive shift!