12-page horoscope and natal chart written by JK Rowling is up for sale

The Scotsman reports that a horoscope and natal chart written by JK Rowling some time ago for the parents of a baby boy is now up for sale:

The multi-millionaire writer, who celebrates her 45th birthday tomorrow had met the parents of the boy at baby classes she attended with daughter Jessica when she was a penniless single mother in Edinburgh.

The horoscope, dedicated to Jack David Buchanan who was born in 1994, offers a fascinating insight into Rowling’s writing and imagination before she went on to worldwide success.

The cover illustration depicts the chart’s key astrological symbols of the sun, fishes and a lion in pen, ink, and coloured pencil laid down on bright blue coloured card.

In it, Rowling, who is worth more than £500million, displays a detailed knowledge of Western astrology which was later to play an important part in her books.

She wrote: “Born the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. He will enjoy school, perhaps be accident-prone, (like all Pisces) could be prone to alcoholism, and (perhaps like us all) may well fall in love with someone totally incompatible.”