Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves talks decade of magic with New York Times

A new article in Saturday’s New York Times features Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves and his decade’s work on the highest-grossing franchise of all time.

“‘I took my cues from Jo,’ Mr. Kloves said, speaking of Ms. Rowling. ‘The first day I met her, she said: ‘I know the movies can’t be the books. All that I ask is that you be true to the characters.’ And I believe I’ve fulfilled that request.'”

In “A Screenwriter’s Hogwarts Decade,” Kloves talks about how after swimming in the narrative for decades he began to anticipate certain events: including Snape’s true allegiance and the fact Dumbledore was gay.

He admits he did have a few missteps. He believed Hermione was going to die and de-emphasized the character of Dobby early on, to which J.K. Rowling told him he may want to revisit his scenes.

“‘If you can get her to talk about it, it’s so remarkable what she knows,’ he said. ‘I once e-mailed her and asked her what were the 12 uses of dragon’s blood and she wrote back in 30 seconds what they all were.'”

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